How Has Basketball Changed Over Time?

Whenever you think of the legends Lebron James, Michael Jordon, or Wilt Chamberlain, there is one sport that comes to mind: basketball. After all, these are the iconic players who have been championed as the all-time greats in basketball history. But, have you ever wondered who invented this legendary sport and what was the history behind it?

inventing basketball

History Of Basketball

James Naismith, the man credited with inventing basketball, did it first in Springfield, Massachusetts, and then moved the game to Kansas, where he coached the game. He came up with the idea for the game because, as a gym instructor, he frequently found himself in a position where he needed to come up with activities for his pupils to participate in when the weather did not allow for them to participate in safe outside athletic events. In 1891, when he first came up with the idea, he set up peach baskets at roughly the same height as they are today—about 10 feet from the ground.

Initial Method Of Playing The Game

At first, the only way for players to advance the ball was to pass it to one another. The act of bouncing the ball down the floor, or “dribbling” as it is more often known today, was not a component of the game until much later on.

Players racked up points for every soccer ball that they successfully tossed into one of the peach baskets. Following the making of each basket, the players were required to up a ladder in order to collect the ball from the hoop. It wasn’t until 1913 that iron hoops with netting that opened on both ends were invented.

evolution of basketball

The modest origins of the one and only professional sport that was born in the United States provided the groundwork for the thriving billion-dollar industry that exists today. The March Madness college basketball tournament hosted by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) features the top 68 teams out of more than 1,000 college basketball programs, arenas with seating for tens of thousands of fans, and hefty broadcast contracts.

Basketball was formally recognized as a regular winter sport in 1905, by which time it had already begun to be played at secondary and tertiary educational institutions. The game that was Naismith’s creation was an instant success and swiftly spread to other YMCAs and colleges, becoming the sport with the most rapid expansion in the history of sports. In addition, women were more than welcome to participate in basketball games.

original rules of basketball

Since the beginning of the sport, female participants have worn blouses and bloomers while competing in what was deemed by The Boston Globe in 1893 to be a “quite fair feminine equivalent for football.” Since Naismith first posted his set of “Thirteen Rules” on a noticeboard at Springfield College in 1891, the game of “basketball” has undergone certain rule adjustments; but the game’s fundamentals have remained relatively the same. And there you have it! Now you know all about the history of how this renowned game came to be!

In the late 1800s, a man named James Naismith was tasked with creating a new game for his gym class. He wanted a game that would be fun and engaging for his students, but also one that wouldn’t be too rough or dangerous. After much thought and experimentation, Naismith came up with the idea of inventing basketball. He hung up two peach baskets on opposite ends of the gymnasium and instructed his students to try and shoot a ball into the opposing team’s basket. The game took off quickly and soon became a popular sport played all over the world. Today, basketball is enjoyed by millions of people of all ages and backgrounds.

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